Meet Redux: Reuse G5 Power Supply without Voiding Warranty

January 26, 2016

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If you want to take advantage of all the goodies of the G5 case, you will want to re-use the current PSU enclosure. This allows utilizing ALL the fan harnesses and prior cooling system as designed by Apple. I’ve often seen mods which ditch such reuse, because either their motherboard was an ATX vs mATX which is shorter, and needed the additional space, or because a traditional ATX power supply just simply won’t fit, which is the most common obstacle I presume. Solutions have been either to, 1)  buy a standard PSU and take it apart, or 2) cut into floor plate which usually covers power supply  inside of the Mac, or 3) Just let the PSU sit on the floor without using the traditional G5 PSU enclosure altogether. Each option has it’s disadvantage which is either difficult, voids the warranty, or discards use of the G5 fans. However, the following approach is not only the easiest, it preserves the PSU warranty, and provides the stock functionality of the G5 case.

Mounting your Power Supply

The solution the the problem involves buying a 1U power supply, and installing it, without cutting, using rare earth magnets which attach the the frame of the inner case and the PSU itself.



How Strong is the Magnet?

As you can see from the images below, using even a single layer of magnets allows you to lift the hull without issues, and easily remove and reinstall your power supply with ease. However, after some testing, the pyramid stacking above is the strongest, as it increases the surface area on the PSU itself. Be sure to pyramid stack on the sides, and you only need singles in the front and back to prevent it from moving in those directions.


Hull modification

There is only one change need to be made to the outer shell, which is to drill out a spacer. This allows you to sit the 1U power supply in the desired location. Otherwise, no changes to the PSU itself, which allows easy service if necessary.


Noise Reduction

I also took the liberty of  ordering replacement 40mm fans, as 1U fans are somewhat loud, perhaps because they are traditionally used in servers where noise is less of an issue. I used Noctua 40mm fans, though you can use whatever price/performance ratio fan that fits your needs. Do be sure that wires are secured before assembling everything, otherwise you will hear the vibration as you dread disassembling the entire machine to fix it 🙂


1 – Master Magnetics CA403CNX20 Magnet Fastener, Rectangular with Center Hole Nickel Plated, 1″ Length, 0.875″ Width, 0.250″ Height, 7 Pounds, Silver (Pack of 20)

1 – FSP Group 600W 1U size for Rack mount Case Power Supply 80PLUS BRONZE (FSP600-801UK)

  • Note: Any ATX 600w+ PSU should work if it fits within housing. This also be found at FSP website.

2 – Noctua NF-A8 ULN Premium 80mm Fan


While 1U power supplies may cost additional bucks, plus the cost of an additional fan should yours be loud as mine was. It doesn’t require cutting your new equipment and voiding the warranty, and allows you to benefit from the design of the modded case, and saves considerable time on the installation. So ask yourself, whats your time and warranty worth? You know my vote.


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